Volunteer projects


One of the main activities of the student parliament of the Kriviy Rih State Commercial Economic Technical College (KSCETC) is a youth volunteer movement. This movement is being implemented on a voluntary basis, democracy, humanism and universal values.


The aim of the youth volunteer movement «The Area of Student Initiatives» is the revival of national traditions and charity, the development of youth earlier social activity, creativity, fostering a sense of self-awareness, initiative through consultative and educational activities in the framework of "Peer". The structure of the movement includes the following projects:


Informational and educational volunteer project «Generation that cares» within which several mini-projects are implemented:


• Mini-project «The School of young consumers». The aim is to promote consumer education among school children by means of advice and awareness-raising activities.

• Mini-Project «The problems of society». The purpose is to activate actions of the young generation in order to solve social problems.

• Mini-Project «The way of health and beauty». The purpose is to prevent the negative phenomena among young people.

• Mini-project «The World of European traditions». The aim is a virtual journey to the linguistic and cultural treasures of Europe.

• Mini-project «Creative. Tasty. Healthy». The purpose is performing master-classes on cooking and decorating dishes.

• Charity Project «Mercy». The purpose is participating in charity projects for society of the city; implementing of mentoring pupils social and psychological rehabilitation of children.

• The Patriotic Project «Veteran». The purpose is searching work in the KSCETC museum of military glory; organization of meeting with veterans to remind them about their acts of bravery and show to them honor and respect.

• The Patriotic Project «Help to the Hero of Ukraine». The aim of the project to provide necessary, clear help and assistance to the soldiers of Antiterroristic operation on the East of Ukraine and their families.

Have taken place in numerous educational establishments of the city, volunteer projects of KSCETC got a warm response among adults and young people. We believe that self-organization and self-realization of young people, their social integration, developing of their civic activity, creative and scientific potential involvement in the process of modernization of the Ukrainian society - is the key to the successful and happy future today. We invite all who are not indifferent to productive, interesting cooperation!