Kryvyi Rih State Commercial Economic Technical School is a higher educational centre of the first accreditation level.


Students study at the day and extra mural departments on the following specialties:

• Accounting;

• Commercial activity;

• Restaurant service;

• Food production;

• Hotel service.


Students and teachers of Kryvyi Rih State Commercial Economic Technical School take active part in competitions, conferences and international seminars. Creative researches of our students and teachers are represented in various professional journals. Every year the research conferences are taking place in our technical school in which the researchers can present the results of their creative work. Perfectly organized mentors’ creative work allows each student to become a fully developed personality.


In 2000 the student parliament, the highest body of students’ government, was initiated. In frame of student parliaments’ work volunteer and social projects are coordinated and the student creative ideas are being developed. Also work of many structures is coordinated and initiated.


Educational material resources of the technical school is a complex of buildings built in 1983 on a standard project that provides places for 1440 students:


- 27 classrooms are decorated with stands and informative posters, methodical, health and safety corners;

- 6 laboratories equipped with modern technological equipment;

- 2 lecture rooms for 60 students each, equipped with multimedia facilities;

- Publishing and printing center, which is equipped with office equipment: laminator, scanner, copier, printers, computer;

- Internet conference room, with online mode;

- Library with a reading room for 80 students;

- Information Resource Center for 36 seats and 15 computers with Internet facility;

- Training and production workshop "Bohema", which includes different facilities:

- Training office – accounting office, training restaurant; training bar, shops, cafeteria, training store of non-food products; dining room for 174 seats; educational hotel;

- Gym.


Every year the international relations are becoming increasingly important for education. According to regulations “Education without Borders” we prefer to expand our partnership with educational institutions of neighboring countries.


We offer holding of various conferences, seminars, lectures, trainings and presentation.


We sincerely hope for cooperation and partnership.